Dev-Ops Engineer

Job description

We're looking for a driven and pragmatic dev-ops engineer to help keep our Jungle look like a nicely groomed garden. Jungle is evolving rapidly and to support our 18 people engineering team, dev-ops need to be run top notch. Your mission will be to form a powerhouse with a senior dev-ops engineer and make all development and production systems run smoothly, scalable, and future-proof. The person we look for is highly-skilled and cares about the purpose and impact to which he/she lend their skills.



Why do we need you?

You’ll be working with/on a set of technologies that support our complex machine learning pipeline to deliver crucial value-add insights to our users and internal developers. We operate at high scale - billions of data points per day - providing always-on predictive models, alarms and metrics visualisations for some of the largest and most sophisticated customers in the global renewable energy space. Our current stack runs on Kubernetes on top of (currently) AWS, but we like to move around..! You’ll be working on our infrastructure directly with an experienced Dev-Ops Engineer. A taste of what you would be working on:

  • Maintaining and improving our rapidly changing development cluster
  • Managing our various data and metadata databases
  • Setting up and monitoring distributed data connections to wind farms and factories all over the world
  • Deploying new applications for speeding up and smoothing our data pipelines


About Jungle

Electrical assets produce data jungles. Wind turbines, electrical grid infrastructure, and heavy-industry machinery are mission-critical to our customers' operations but very difficult to monitor. Jungle helps owners to get more out of their assets by illuminating asset performance, both now and in the future. Our technology leverages massive streams of data to understand what normal asset behaviour looks like, and to detect faults and underperformance. By extending lifetime, reducing downtime, and increasing yield, Jungle makes owning and operating assets cheaper, more reliable and more sustainable.



Benefits of working with Jungle

  • Flexible schedule and location
  • Unlimited holidays
  • Free breakfast, lunch, drinks, and snacks everyday
  • Regular yoga classes and professional massages
  • Modern work environment and peripherals
  • Work with state-of-the-art (REAL state-of-the-art) technology
  • Be part of a small (yet Schwifty) team about to make a big impact in the greentech space!


Key Skills

  • At least 3 years professional experience as a Linux sysadmin.
  • At least 2 years professional experience with any major cloud platform.
  • You have professional experience in database administration (backups, restores, access rights).
  • You have experience working with Docker.
  • Bonus: You have worked with Terraform and/or Kubernetes.
  • Bonus: experience setting up VPNs such as IPsec and certificate best practices TLS/SSL

About You

  • You strike the right balance between being meticulous and being pragmatic.
  • You’re eager to learn new technologies and expand your horizon.
  • You have an opinion, you challenge ideas and have the ability to say no.
  • Marie Kondo can learn a thing or two from you when it comes to keeping everything nice and tidy
  • You have a love/hate relationship with YAML
  • You get warm and fuzzy feelings from the word git
  • You are eligible to work in the European Union.